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[12 Feb 2007|01:20am]

Just a warning to all rating community maintainers or members.. pretty much anyone on LJ actually.

wimlikesyou is stalking rating communities leaving filthy and sickening anonymous comments to the young girls in the communities and in their personal journals.

I suggest you ban him even if he is not already watching your community and to disable anonymous commenting. I have had too many complaints about him to even count and LJ won't do a thing because his IP isn't a valid indication of his identity.

Please sign my petition to have him banned and/or to stop all anonymous commenting http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/banwimlikesyou

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Attention,all final Fantasy VIII players [28 Aug 2005|09:36am]

[ mood | determined ]

Have you bougfht the game "Final Fantasy VIII",thinking it would be a really great game?And have you groaned when you found out you could not buy weapons or armor and could not choose from character classes like Black Mage or Monk?

Did you groan at the muddled storyline(which is nothing but a bunch of un-related missions tossed together)?

Are you sick and of having to run around and fight enemies,hoping they'd drop something you need to upgrade your weapon,and do you hate having to constantly draw magic from enemies?

Do you hate the way the Limit Break system was made?

If so,please sign my petition for a "final Fantasy VIII" remake.


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Free Jeremy from false allegations and FBI intimidation!!! [21 Jun 2005|03:54pm]

On March 17 2005, nine Chicago FBI agents raided and seized all electronic equipment in Jeremy Hammond's apartment. Facing intimidation from both the FBI and the Secret Service, he is being accused of hacking into right-wing website ProtestWarrior.com. While the website had not been damaged and no credit cards were billed, the FBI is threatening to charge him with unauthorized access and credit card fraud totalling to millions of dollars in damages and up to thirty years in federal prison for a crime that hasn't even happened.

Jeremy has done no damage to any system and has not charged anything to any credit card numbers. He is being targetted by law enforcement for his political activism and his involvement in running the hacking website HackThisSite.org. If the FBI indicts Jeremy, he faces federal prison and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Support is desperately needed to fight this FBI indimidation and these ridiculous charges!

for more info and ways that you can help out goto:
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[19 Jun 2005|06:56pm]

Zach is a 16-year-old teenager from Tennessee, sent by his parents to a camp to 'cure' his homosexuality.
Please sign the petition below in support of him, and then post this in your blog.

FINAL NOTE: The phone number to get in touch with A Safe Place, the Christian Camp Zach is currently at, is 901-751-1922. You can also contact them via email through info@loveinaction.org.
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Social Action Project: protest letter and petition [29 Apr 2005|11:20am]

Petition for the purpose of protesting Wal-Mart's policy regarding:
(1) Allowing Wal-Mart pharmacists the option to refuse dispensation of doctor-prescribed birth control pills to customers.
(2) Refusal to carry emergency birth control.

To sign the petition, visit this link:


Like many other poor, unwashed souls who do not make $100k a year (I only make 1/4 of that), I have stooped so low as to shop at Wal-Mart for various things, such as camping equipment, office supplies, groceries, and countless of other items. If I had my druthers, I'd shop at organic/health food/specialty stores all the time. But with three people to support, I can't justify spending money for high-end products when I'm trying to get as much as I can for what little fundage I have to spend. Some day I hope that will change. For now, my preferred grocery store is Safeway...a bit pricier than Wal-Mart, but it's closer to home and the meat selection is better. Still, I've spent a bunch of money at Wal-Mart over the years. Now I look at them as the Evil Empire. When I recently learned of their policy toward birth control pills and Emergency Birth Control, my dislike of Wal-Mart burgeoned even more.

This semester, I had to choose a Social Action Project for my ethnic race/gender class. Before the final week of class, I must give a presentation on what I did for my project, why I chose it, how I did it, what I learned, and why I believe my action will make a difference. Most people are either writing a newspaper or organization or joining a women's or multicultural organization (I'm already a member of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, so that doesn't count.) For my social action project, I decided to confront Wal-Mart regarding their assinine policy of allowing their pharmacists to refuse to dispense birth control pills if the pharmacist is opposed to birth control. Oh yeah -- and Wal-Mart doesn't even CARRY Emergency Birth Control, either. In one instance I read about, a rape victim was REFUSED Emergency Birth Control at a Wal-Mart. Thankfully, the state of Illinois recently passed a law that deems it illegal for any pharmacist to refuse to fill a prescription of any kind. I hope the rest of the states follow suit. The practice of refusing to fill birth control prescriptions is harmful, discriminatory and sexist as far as I'm concerned. Here's the kicker: while pharmacists at certain organizations are all too happy to fill Viagra prescriptions, they can refuse to fill birth control prescriptions. Oh the irony!

I've pasted a copy of my letter to Wal-Mart below the cut. I've also started an online petition to be sent to Wal-Mart protesting their harmful policy in this matter. To sign the petition, go here: http://www.petitiononline.com/042305/petition.html If one looked at the demographics of the typical Wal-Mart customer, I'm guessing women would be in the majority. So basically, they are showing disrespect to the majority of their customers. On this issue, there can NOT be silence. Why? Because if we remain silent, these abhorrent practices will spread.

For the record, although my maiden name is Walton, I am not related to Sam Walton (deceased) or his family's expansive fortune. At times like this, it might have been helpful to be part of that family tree. Though I'm sure they wouldn't care for me too much, now would they? ;)

Letter to the Evil EmpireCollapse )
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Petition Drive! [08 Oct 2004|07:13pm]

Salutations! On October 31st Live Journal will hold it's first presidential election, don't forget to vote! Please sign the petition which will be presented to brad. Thank you!

UserInfo: veiw the candidates

The history of ljers4president!

Please sign this petition to remove Frank the Goats icon and replace it for one day (November 2nd) with the icon of Live Journals soon to be democratically elected president.
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[22 Aug 2004|02:19am]

[ mood | rejuvenated ]

I have a petition, although it's not political or environmental in nature. Still, I thought I would throw it out here. I'm both a Harry Potter and a Tim Burton fan. In thinking about the upcoming cinematic version of the fifth Harry Potter book, Order of the Phoenix, I've determined that Tim Burton would be a great match. So I created a petition that you may find here saying that very thing. Hopefully, some of you might be interested in signing it and/or passing it on. Thanks for letting me share, nonetheless!

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[09 Jul 2004|12:42pm]

Even if you don't care for this show, could you please sign this to get my favorite season Real World New Orleans on DVD/VHS? Thanks.

Please everyone sign it!
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I've got a petition [25 Jun 2004|12:49pm]

This is the first ever community that I have ever joined, so I might as well make the most of it and participate.  I wrote a petition a while back and so far have received only 6 signatures.  The petition was mostly written to be humorous, but the level of humor could be increased exponentially with each signature.

The petition is called "Sleeves for Fuzzy Folks" and it deals with hairy people who wear tank-tops.  I would be much obliged if anyone would sign it and pass the link on to every person they know.  The more people who sign this petition, the more laughter will be spread around the world.  Thanks.


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[20 May 2004|08:16pm]

Hi, I'm new here, my name is Lauren and I'm very supportive of things I believe in. If you do not agree with my views do not preach to me. Let me tell you about myself. I am a liberal, meaning a democrat, I am against Bush and everything he has done in his years of being president. I am for helping our environment, abortion, gay marriages, and keeping America safe.

Here are some petitions I signed this morning.

Save the last teak forests!

Don't Let Us Lose the Arctic

Protect a woman's right to a safe and legal abortion.


Make Penalties for Animal Abuse More Severe!

Don't Let us Lose the Artic

We Demand Justice for Tiger Killer!

End Greyhound Racing

Please Enforce Laws Prohibiting Dog and Cat Consumption

Protect our nation's seed supply

Oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment

Protest Bush Administration's Misuse of Science

Support a Bush vs Kerry Debate on Environment


A Global Apology for Abuse in Iraq

That's all, thanks.
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[03 Jan 2003|03:42pm]


So this is, uh..

Kinda empty right now?

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Entry 1, woohoo. [03 Jan 2003|04:02am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Here's the first entry in this journal and all, so there goes it. All topics are accepted, and all opinions are accepted as well, as long as there isn't any slander. So go ahead and discuss what you will.


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